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For Ambitious Actors, Lawyers, & Business Executives.

  • Communicate with confidence and command respect.
  • Land the roles you want and get taken seriously in your craft.
  • Present more effectively to close more deals and win more cases.


Competition is fierce and our success is dependent upon our communication and public speaking and presentation skills.

If we don’t master our communication and pronunciation skills, then we risk losing important opportunities (and maybe even our jobs).

Welcome, I’m AnnJoan

I'm here to help you master your communication and public speaking skills so that your voice and on-stage presence become an asset in your career. I specialize in public speaking, presentation skills, voice and speech therapy, speech training for actors, English pronunciation, foreign/regional accent reduction and dialect acquisition.

My speech training programs are customized and designed to address your individual needs in a positive, encouraging, caring and fun environment.

Expert analysis of your unique speech patterns as well as the ways you fail to project confidence while speaking will make you aware of how and where you deviate from the ideal sounds you want to achieve. You will be empowered with tools to self-monitor and self-correct so that you give the impression of a polished professional every time.

Once you walk through my door, your ability to communicate effectively, with clarity and confidence becomes MY problem and responsibility, not yours. And I have total faith in my ability to deliver the solution you need.

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Get trained by the "speech pathologist to the stars", with over three decades of experience.

Ann Joan Hyman M.A., CCC-SLP is the force behind the speech of countless actors, corporate executives, and public speakers around the world.

Her work can be heard on television (The Blacklist, Arrow, Madame Secretary, The Good Wife, House of Cards, and Mozart In The Jungle, Elementary, The Americans, Saturday Night Live), on stage (The Book of Mormon and Significant Other), and film (Jack of the Red Hearts, James Bond: Quantum of Solace, The Invisible Guardian, and the Tim Burton film, Dark Shadows).

In addition, Ms. Hyman has changed the speech for corporate executives and employees of many top companies and Am Law 100 global law firms including, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, JP Morgan, Mercedes Benz, Capital One, among many others.

AnnJoan Hyman is a licensed speech pathologist in practice for more than 30 years. She holds a master’s degree in speech pathology from New York University and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland.

AnnJoan is licensed in New York and New Jersey and holds a national certification from The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

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Get an edge and an advantage over your competition.


Work with AnnJoan to:

  • manage your stage fright and performance anxiety,
  • avoid using distracting sounds and mannerisms when you speak,
  • deliver your message with confidence and clarity to captivate and convince,
  • project executive presence for greater respect, impact and success,
  • reduce, modify or eliminate your accent,
  • impress crowds and colleagues,
  • make yourself more marketable as an actor.



  • I’m Dayana Mendoza, Venezuelan, Miss Universe 2008. I have had the pleasure of working with AnnJoan many times, and still do. I came to her with the need of learning how to  pronounce the English words in the right way, I was not looking to erase my accent, but to be understood. I’m extremely happy and satisfied with her way of teaching, and it is definitely a relief to find someone that can work with you in such an easy, organic way, the reason why I love working with her so much. She has the ability to make you listen and pronounce sounds you never heard or said before without turning it into a “repeat after me” cassette, which I very much dislike and had enough of from other coaches. Her positive and encouraging attitude makes you feel comfortable and confident that you can do it! See you tomorrow in class Ann Joan ?
    Dayana Mendoza
    Miss Universe 2008
  • AnnJoan is caring and will not give up on you. You will be pushed to your limits in a fun environment. She develops sessions around your individual concerns. I have accomplished more than I ever hoped thanks to her ability and support along the way. I now have tools to rely on, trust in myself and the knowing that I control my voice.
    Christopher Rosa
  • I have lived in the United Sates for the past 24 years, owning a business for 21. 12 months of sessions with AnnJoan have accomplished what I could not do myself in all those years. My self confidence in public speaking has increased 100%. AnnJoan gave me a priceless ability to function in professional life as well as socially. Employees in my office became Ann Joan’s assistant teachers pointing out my mistakes. As time goes by, their corrections become less frequent. (Right! Back to work!) Working and improving my speech gives me great personal pleasure. I practice after I get home every day. It is a good way to unwind. I look forward to the weekly lessons. They give structure to my weeks. Ann Joan is a great speech professional and psychologist. She analyzes the mechanics of speech as well as the psychology of communication. This makes her a super effective accent correction coach. Living in the US as an immigrant, I of course wanted to be an American. But no matter when you acquire citizenship, you become an American when people stop asking to repeat what you just said. Thank you, AnnJoan for making a dream come true, the dream of becoming an American.
    Christopher J.
    CEO/President ACM Consulting Corp.
  • I am a Russian fashion model and actress and have worked with AnnJoan for the past year in an attempt to improve my speech and accent modification. I have not yet reached my ultimate goal, but have nonetheless seen significant improvement. Previously, even though I knew that I had an accent, I couldn’t really understand what exactly made me sound so different. Now I can clearly realize where I’m making mistakes and can immediately correct myself. Doing so definitely makes me feel more confident about my speech. And I can hear how my accent is changing little by little. I have enjoyed my time with AnnJoan and found her to be very diligent and knowledgeable in the field in which she practices. I would recommend AnnJoan to anyone attempting to modify their accent as she is a true professional.
    Olga Maliouk
  • Just done with a great Voice Over gig for a “tech company ” with very “techy” words and this time… in ENGLISH!!! ? Grateful to My speech coach AnnJoan at AJ Speech Services for helping me out. Totally recommend her!!!
    Eric Robledo
  • Ann Joan has been of tremendous help in reducing my accent and improving how I use my voice in general! Thanks to her coaching, I have been able to book a lot more work that requires no or less of an accent – and fewer and fewer people ask me where I am from when they first meet me! I can highly recommend Ann Joan to anyone who needs help perfecting their speech.
    Malin Bergman
  • As a French Canadian my native language is French. On a recent audition in both English and French the casting director asked if my French was as good as my English. AnnJoan made that question possible.
    Martine Roquebrune
  • AnnJoan has changed my voice from a negative to a positive. She made all the difference in my recent job performance review. Thanks AnnJoan!
    Donna A.
    Sales Director
  • I’ve had the great fortune to work with AnnJoan Hyman in multiple capacities over the last several years. AnnJoan has become our ‘go to’ person when anyone on my team is looking to sharpen presentation skills whether for formal trainings, Ted talks, panels, or workshops. AnnJoan homes in on your individual strengths and builds on them, and, with expertise, patience and humor, she addresses your areas for improvement. Working with her builds your credibility, your confidence and your power as a communicator.
    AnnJoan is also a consulting partner to my company and works regularly with our own clients in the many instances in which we need to rely on her specialized skill set and experience. Without exception, our clients have found their work with her to be nothing less than invaluable. Finally, I have first-hand experience working with AnnJoan and have benefitted enormously from her training, her creativity and her insistence on preparation. By the time you’ve finished rehearsing with AnnJoan on a given presentation, it feels effortless!
      We are looking forward to a long and growing collaboration.
    Jennifer Greiner
    Greiner Consulting
  • AnnJoan has been an invaluable resource to me over the years! ​The voiceover business is extremely unforgiving to even the most minute of speech problems​, and AnnJoan has been a life saver to me on many occasions. ​I came to her after having veneers done on my teeth, and had to re-learn certain sounds all over again with new teeth!
    ​When I began training for movie trailers, having AnnJoan as one of the tools in my arsenal became ​​my secret weapon! Each week, ​we dissected the MP3 of my movie trailer class​ together and she helped me develop the vocal control necessary for this very specialized area of the voiceover business.
    Chris Miller
    Voice Over Artist
  • I am so thankful for AnnJoan. She has not only helped me improve my pronunciation, but also helped me gain so much confidence while speaking English, my second language. I am a User Experience and Web designer and a live music performer. When I used to have to meet clients in person I struggled with insecurity and I felt that I wasn’t able to demonstrate my abilities or sell my services the way I wanted. Now I can talk to clients with greater ease. And I’m still getting compliments from people who remember the way I spoke before going to AnnJoan. She is very friendly and caring and patient and she always has a great sense of humor. I would recommend AnnJoan’s services to anyone who wants to improve their spoken English and build confidence.
    Carolina Fuentes
    UX & Web Designer
  • AJ Speech Services - Darius Harrell
    I relocated from Mississippi to New Jersey with a heavy southern accent, a speech impediment, and aspirations of being an actor and model. I was recommended to see Ann Joan Hyman and I am proud to say it has been an incredible experience for me. After 25 years of stuttering and working with Ms Hyman for 9 months, I'm finally able to control my stuttering, manage my nerves, and turn my accent on and off .
    Darius Harrell 

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